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A Displaced child in Syria

Most Needy

  Funds from this category are allocated to projects deemed to be the most needy at any given time.

A Displaced Father and daughter in Syria

Emergency Appeals

 Support the immediate response to disasters and calamities that have befallen
the Ummah.


A New masjid in Somalia

Masjid Construction

A thriving masjid is a sign of Islam’s vitality. Support their construction in poor communities today.

A Quran Class in Gaza

Hifdh Sponsorship

One of the best forms of Sadaqah Jariyah. Receive reward for every word your student recites.

A Madrassah in Albania

Teacher Sponsorship

Help deliver free modern and Islamic education to poor and displaced students around the Ummah.

Stationery for Schools

Stationery for Schools

Pens, books and paper are the building blocks for every child that learns. Donate for their free provision.

Adhkar Banner for Masjid

Adhkar Banners

Provide adhkar banners to the masjids to satisfy the spiritual needs of poor

Translation of the Quran

Qur’an Translation for Dawah

Spread the message of the Qur’an to the masses who are thirsty for

Islamic Books Madrassah

Islamic Books

Help poor students learn and practice their religion through the free provision of

Financial Assistance Ulama

Ulama Assistance

Help unsupported hardworking ulama to nurture the next generation of

Makeni School Sierra Leone

Makeni Islamic Centre

A unique Islamic centre in the heart of Sierra Leone that gives free education to hundreds of needy students.

Orphanage in Pakistan

Ummah Children’s Academy

A centre of excellence and hope
for Pakistan’s orphaned

A school in besieged Ghouta, Syria

Madrasah  Support

The single most vital tool for preserving Prophetic knowledge and cultivating it amongst the masses.


School children in Syria

Orphan Sponsorship

Give a future to the Ummah’s most vulnerable. Help orphans in the war-torn regions of Syria and Iraq.

An orphaned family in Iraq

Widow Support

Widowhood remains one of the Ummah’s biggest challenges. Help our sisters survive being alone.

Financial Assistance in the Ummah

Financial Hardship Assistance

Help the displaced, the destitute, those with disabilities, the indebted, single-parent families and the elderly.

Injured and Amputees Syria

Injured Families Support

Support heads of families who, due to sustaining permanent injuries, cannot provide for their families anymore.

A new house in Assam

House Construction

A home provides sanctuary and protection. Give such a gift to a homeless
family today.

New stall in gaza

New Livelihoods

Restore dignity and self-respect to a poor family by providing a livelihood to their breadwinnter.

Solar Panel Installation at a School in Gaza

Solar Power Support

Millions have their days cut short due to a lack of electricity. Stop this happening in this unique project.

Poverty in the UK

UK Poverty Support

Maintain the dignity of our neighbours by donating your Sadaqah and


A boring rig in Malawi

Water Wells

Water is the foundation for sustainable development. Drill a deep well in a community that needs it.

Hand pump in India

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps are ideal for villages and households in flat fertile areas. Provide one today.

Covid 19 Hygiene Kits Syria

Hygiene Packs

Improve the hygiene situation in deprived communities by providing soaps, shampoos, nappies and more.


Children in central Yemen

Food Aid

Composed of a variety of staple foods, food packs are distributed in areas of
urgent need.

Food vouchers in Gaza

Food Vouchers

Vouchers allow families to withdraw food from stores as and when required. Flexible for everyone.


Medical Equipment in Idlib Syria

Medical Aid

Many hospitals lack the necessary equipment to treat their patients. Change this

Child dialysis in Pakistan

Dialysis Treatment

Kidney disease has proliferated in the developing world. Provide free dialysis to poor patients who need treatment.

Patient Care in Gaza

Hospital Fuel Support

Many hospitals require diesel-powered generators to be operational 24/7. The diesel however isn’t cheap.


01-12-2022 1142. Aqeeqah


The birth of a child is a joyous occasion for every family. Perform an aqeeqah for
the child.

Food supplies for poor family in Pakistan

Fidyah & Kaffarah

 Pay outstanding dues. Fidyah and Kaffarah rates are determined by the prevailing price of wheat.

Walima for Orphans in Syria

Walima Feast

Share your happiness. Provide a walima to our brothers and sisters in a poor


Ummah Welfare Trust office in Bolton


Support the charity’s operational costs which don’t use a single penny from charitable donations.

01-12-2022. 1151. Interest


Dispose of any interest accrued on your savings, without the intention of earning