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Use your sadaqah to provide fresh cooked meals to poor deserving Muslims. For £200, Ummah Welfare Trust can slaughter an animal, prepare it and deliver it cooked to around 50 persons.

Animals are currently slaughtered and prepared for poor Muslims in Afghanistan, alhamdulillah. The meat is distributed to poor and orphaned students who rarely, if ever, have the chance to eat meat.

You can offer a sacrifice, along with the meals, as a walimah (sacrifice in gratitude at the time of marriage), as a vow, or as a general sadaqah (with a righteous intention).

£200 Small Animal
(Cooked and distributed)

Sadaqah is one of the most beloved actions to Allah, whose benefits are too numerous to detail.

Don’t miss out on the rewards of feeding poor Muslims. Sacrifice an animal, cook it, and provide hot meals to the Ummah today.

If you can’t give £200, you can give any amount for this project and it will contribute towards the slaughter, preparation and distribution of an animal.