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Bring Warmth to the Ummah

100% Donations Policy


A 100% Donations Policy

Donations change and save lives. Every single penny that you donate is therefore used solely for charitable efforts.

Transparent Expenditure


Transparent Expenditure

Ummah Welfare Trust monitors every donation to ensure that distinct Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah funds are spent correctly.

Making a Difference


Make a Difference

Since 2001, Ummah Welfare Trust has delivered your donations to help over 30 million people around the Ummah.

Dawah initiative of Ummah Welfare Trust
Dawah initiative of Ummah Welfare Trust

Types of Charity >

There are two main types of charity in Islam: Zakat and Sadaqah. However, downstream from those are other types of charity that jurists in Islam have identified. It can sometimes be confusing knowing which is which, and what intention to make when donating.

Read Ummah Welfare Trust’s guide to learn about these different types of charity, and donate with confidence.

TIMELAPSE: Relief Container reaches Idlib, Syria >

See this timelapse video showing how your donated items reach Ummah Welfare Trust’s warehouse inside Syria.

Support the charity’s winter container campaign by donating your warm new clothes

Qurbani in Bangladesh

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Schoolchildren Afghanistan

Delivering Iftar to Afghanistan’s Schools

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‘None of you truly believe, until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.’