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Qurbani in Bangladesh

Qurbani 2022: A Summary of Your Sacrifices!

Ummah Welfare Trust sacrificed over 12,000 of your animals this Eid and distributed their meat to hundreds of thousands of poor Muslims. The blessings of Eid reached the poor, the orphaned and the displaced across 15 countries, alhamdulillah. Read the…

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Schoolchildren Afghanistan

Delivering Iftar to Afghanistan’s Schools

Students in Afghanistan often go hungry in their efforts to pursue studies. This Ramadhan, Ummah Welfare Trust delivered Iftar supplies to 22 schools across the country to help. See how you fed Afghanistan's young Muslims, alhamdulillah.    

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Ramadhan Aid in The Gambia

Ramadhan Relief in The Gambia

'Whoever would love to be shaded in the shade of Allah, let him help someone in hardship or waive a loan.' (Ibn Majah) An amazing video showing Ummah Welfare Trust's Ramadhan programme in The Gambia, where nearly 4,000 families were…

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Children in Paktia Afghanistan

Ramadhan Relief in Afghanistan’s Remote Areas

In the far reaches of Afghanistan's Paktia province, Ummah Welfare Trust delivered Iftar packs to 1,000 needy families this Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. See the continuation of this unprecedented programme in which countless Afghan Muslims are being helped.

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Zakat Relief in Yemen

Ramadhan Relief in Blessed Yemen

‘The best of men are the men of Yemen, belief is Yemeni, and I am Yemeni.’ (Ahmad) Ummah Welfare Trust is delivering assistance to 4,400 families in Yemen this Ramadhan, alhamdulillah. Your donations are helping widows, orphans, teachers and the…

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Pakistan Ramadhan Iftar

Ramadhan Iftar for Pakistan’s School Students

Ummah Welfare Trust has distributed Iftar supplies to 25 madrasahs in Pakistan to help their students with their fasts, alhamdulillah. The project is part of a larger Ramadhan programme in which 6,000 Iftar packs are being distributed across the country.…

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Ramadhan in Kunar Afghanistan

Ramadhan Iftar in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province

Ummah Welfare Trust's outreach across Afghanistan continues. In the country's scenic Kunar province, the charity delivered Iftar packs to 2,000 families this week, alhamdulillah. See the latest video!

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Muslims in Maidan Wardak Afghanistan

Families in Maidan Wardak given Iftar Packs

Ummah Welfare Trust is delivering Iftar supplies to 15,000 families across Afghanistan this Ramadhan. See the charity’s latest efforts from Maidan Wardak province, where 2,000 families were helped with your donations, alhamdulillah.

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Clothes bazar Idlib Syria

New Gifts & Clothes: From the UK to Syria

Ummah Welfare Trust held a free clothes bazaar for poor families in Syria just before Ramadhan. New clothes, gifts and school items were donated in the UK and shipped to Idlib, where poor families were able to freely collect, alhamdulillah.…

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Children in Nangarhar Afghanistan

A Heartfelt Plea from Afghanistan

Ummah Welfare Trust is delivering a £2 million Ramadhan programme across Afghanistan in response to the terrible hunger crisis. See this important plea from brother Shoyeb after the charity delivered Iftar supplies to 2,000 families outside Kabul, alhamdulillah. Learn what…

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