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Hifdh Sponsorship

Allah has conferred a great favour upon this Ummah by allowing His servants to memorise the Noble Qur’an. Previous nations were unable to memorise their scriptures, yet millions of Muslims, young and old, have memorised the Qur’an – and will continue to do so until the Last Day, inshaAllah.

Ummah Welfare Trust seeks to support this beautiful tradition by sponsoring poor students across the world to memorise the Book of Allah. Students whose families cannot afford a teacher are given monthly cash assistance to help realise their ambition.

The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.

Sponsoring a Hifdh student is one of the best forms of Sadaqah Jariyah. A donor can expect to receive Allah’s blessings so long as the recipient remains alive. If the recipient has passed on his learning before his death, then the rewards continue through the vehicle of his students.

The Hifdh sponsorship programme will yield long-term fruits for the Ummah inshaAllah. The charity hopes that young students, supported by you, can become future teachers of Islam and carriers of the truth.

Most Needy £15 One Month  |  £180 One Year

Palestine £25 One Month  |  £300 One Year

Note: Ummah Welfare Trust will provide you with an annual progress report about the progress of the student you sponsor. If you are wishing to renew your sponsorship, please call the donation line on 01204 661030.

hifdh students have been supported in the past year