Shelter is a basic right of man, yet one in six people still lives in slums. At least one hundred million have no home whatsoever.

In areas in need of emergency relief, where houses have either been destroyed or damaged, Ummah Welfare Trust aims to provide basic housing for the needy. Starting from temporary measures such as tents and basic ‘shed’ houses, the charity aims to help re-house people with added amenities such as running water and drainage.

‘There is no right for the son of Adam except in these things: a house in which he lives, a garment to cover his nakedness, a piece of bread and water.’

You can give Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah for this project.

  • Pakistan: £2,000 per house

For donors who pay the full amount, a plaque of up to 30 characters can be affixed to the house. Donors can provide a name for this if they wish.

families provided with new home in the past year.