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Millions of Muslims across the Ummah live in cramped, squalid camps, like in Syria and Iraq, or in overcrowded slums with no amenities, like in India and Gaza. These sorts of conditions, unfortunately, help increase the spread of infections, disease and child mortalities.

With the Covid pandemic making a precarious sanitary situation even worse for many Muslim communities, low-income families must be given the proper hygiene support and training needed so that they and, more importantly, their

If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the entirety of humanity.’
[Q 5:32]

Thanks to you, Ummah Welfare Trust is improving such communities’ situation by providing hygiene kits containing soaps, shampoos, sanitation gels, nappies, PPE, and more. These supplies will help stem the spread of insidious germs and disease.

With the Covid death toll worldwide now surpassing over 2 million, help save lives today by donating for this project.

Hygiene Supplies Children Iraq
Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah Accepted