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Millions of children and worshippers around the Ummah are having their days cut short due to a lack of electricity supply. Classes cannot run in the evenings, nor can health clinics function properly, due both having no access to electricity grids.

No home, masjid or classroom should be left in the dark. Donate to this unique project to provide the gift of light to our brothers and sisters around the Ummah.

  • Solar panel kits (including batteries and generators) are being installed in masjids and institutions in India.
  • Panels and lights are being provided to masjids in Sierra Leone.
Solar Panel Installation at a School in Gaza

Solar lighting is an efficient and inexpensive solution for rural buildings that need to function in the dark. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can then be stored in batteries. If there are power outages in the grid, the batteries can be turned on to ensure no drop in lighting.

Solar panels in India

Depending on the need, Ummah Welfare Trust installs solar panels for schools, masjids, clinics and rural homes.

A proper electricity supply allows madrassahs to run evening classes and masjids to hold Isha and Fajr prayers unimpeded. The stored electricity from the solar panels also allows them to have fans during summers and heaters during winters.