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Emergency-Appeals UWT (Ummah Welfare Trust)
Emergency-Appeals UWT (Ummah Welfare Trust)

Emergency appeals are the most direct way to ensure your donations are spent quickly on those facing severe crises.

When disasters strike, communities are left devastated, and basic needs become critical. Your swift response to these appeals is vital, as it enables aid to reach the most vulnerable without delay.

‘Surely from amongst the deeds that make paradise incumbent is the feeding of a hungry Muslim.’

After forty years of brutal war, Afghanistan is facing another manufactured crisis. Crippling sanctions and the freezing of the country’s assets have left millions here facing hunger.

The world is watching as families here suffer. We mustn’t do the same. Support Ummah Welfare Trust’s wide-ranging response here with your donations today. 

Afghanistan Help
Floods in Afghanistan's Baghlan Province

Hundreds of people have lost their lives in massive flash floods in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province.

The floods and ensuing mudslides have destroyed everything in their path, submerging countless villages and decimating thousands of mud-brick homes.

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