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Providing Clean Water Access with Sustainable Wells Improves Health and Livelihoods

Lack of access to safe drinking water disproportionately impacts poor communities. The resulting disease, lost income, and wasted time have devastating effects on families. Water-borne illnesses are among the leading causes of childhood mortality worldwide.

Increasing access to clean water remains a pressing challenge globally. Ummah Welfare Trust aims to help address this need by drilling deep water wells in under-served communities internationally.

water well

‘The best Sadaqah is giving water (to drink).’

Water Well Pakistan

These sustainable deepwater wells offer users a reliable, long-term source of potable water for years to come. In rural areas, they serve as a lifeline by potentially being the sole supply of safe water. The wells bring convenience, health benefits, and improved quality of life for both children and adults.

Well construction creates an ongoing act of charity by providing for communities far into the future. Donors to Ummah Welfare Trust’s well initiatives can thus expect lasting rewards from supplying accessible clean water to those most in need.

CountryWater Well PriceDetailsConstruction Time
- Drilled in soft ground
- Manual Pump
- Will serve 250+ persons
Up to 12 Months
- Drilled in hard ground
- Manual Pump
- Will serve 250+ persons
Up to 12 Months
- Drilled in stone ground
- Manual Pump
- Will serve 250+ persons
Up to 12 Months
- Manual Pump
- Average depth is around 14m.
- Well will serve 100+ families.
Up to 12 Months
- A well is bored using a boring rig.
- The depth is upwards of 130 ft
- Life span is 5 to 10 years, but there is an active maintenance programme in place.
- Around 50 families will benefit.
- Wells are bored in communal areas, such as near masjids.
- Beneficiaries are mostly farmers and so livestock benefit.
Up to 12 Months
Sierra Leone
£3,500- Wells are hand dug.
- Manual pump.
- Wells designed to meet basic needs (drinking, hygiene and cooking) of rural families.
- Lifespan is 10 years (with maintenance)
- Communities are tasked with maintaining the wells.
Up to 12 Months

– The construction of a water well takes up to 12 months.
– Plaque names of up to 30 characters are allowed on the well, however ayahs from the Qur’an, Allah’s Names/Attributes or Hadiths are not allowed. The charity does not want these holy words to be desecrated.
– If no name for a water well is given in the ‘notes’ of the donation, Ummah Welfare Trust will keep the plaque ‘anonymous.’