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Afghanistan's Children Need Help

Today there is peace. But the hardships remain.

Afghanistan has suffered over four decades of war. During the 1980s, over 1.5 million Muslims lost their lives in the Soviet invasion. In the decade after, thousands more perished in the brutal civil strife. And in the last twenty years, a further one million were killed in the War on Terror.

A cynical freezing of the country’s financial assets in 2021 has left much of the population penniless and hungry. Over one million children are thought to be facing starvation.

The charity has delivered over £17 million
of food and household supplies in the past year, alhamdulillah.


families given food assistance


families given winter supplies


students given cooked meals


families given Sadaqatul Fitr


Orphans given monthly support


earthquake-hit families given supplies


breadwinners given livelihoods


water wells built

‘Surely, from amongst the deed that make Jannah incumbent (upon the believer) is the feeding of a hungry Muslim.’ [Hakim]

Ummah Welfare Trust has launched an emergency appeal to help displaced and refugee Afghans survive the crippling poverty. The charity is working in all 34 provinces of the country, delivering your aid to those who need it most.

£100 can provide food supplies to a large family.

The world is watching as innocent children die. We mustn’t do the same.

Donate your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah for this appeal and help Afghanistan’s Muslims live honourably on their feet once more.