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New clothes for a boy in Syria

August 2021 Projects Update

In a larger spend compared to previous months, nearly £6 million was spent in August 2021 to help our brothers and sisters around the world. Big charitable spends continue in the Middle East and across India, where cash grants programmes…

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Camps in Iraq for Mosul Refugees

Living in Uncertainty

Read the latest account of Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team in Iraq: Reflecting on our visits to Iraq’s refugee camps, and after meeting thousands of orphans and widows, we are truly reminded of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon…

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Between Grief and Happiness

Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team are currently in North Iraq providing financial assistance to refugee families from Mosul. Read their first account: Today we travelled to the dusty al Khazer Camp just outside the city of Erbil with the aim…

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Assisting a Widow in Iraq

Remembering Her Murdered Father

Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team are in North Iraq providing financial assistance to refugee families from Mosul. Read their latest account: We awoke on Thursday morning with another long day of zakat distributions ahead of us. During the day an…

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Uighur Assistance in Turkey

Assisting Survivors of the Uighur Genocide

Ummah Welfare Trust UK staff have been in Turkey this week providing financial assistance to Uighur families who have fled the genocide of East Turkestan. Over 1,000 families are being helped in the programme, alhamdulillah. See the latest from the…

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Iraqi Widows in Anbar

Assisting Iraq’s Forgotten Widows

Ummah Welfare Trust is providing financial support to 1,000 widows across Iraq this year الحمد لله. The zakat programme has reached sisters in Mosul, Fallujah and other war-torn areas, giving them enough to look after their families. Women have suffered…

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