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Distributing Water To Children In Gaza

Monthly Project Update: October 2020

Over £11 million was spent in October 2020 to help our brothers and sisters around the world. The big extra spend was due to large zakat programmes taking place in Syria, Gambia and Yemen. Learn more by reading the latest…

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A New Wheelchair For A Child In Syria

A New Wheelchair for Young Ali in Syria

Ummah Welfare Trust continues to support the most vulnerable in Syria. Your donations provided a much-needed wheel chair to young boy, displaced in the small town of Harem. Watch the video to see how you have changed young Ali’s life.

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Distributing Water To Families In South Sana'a, Yemen

Quenching the Thirst in Yemen’s Capital

Yemen is facing a disastrous economic situation. An estimated 80% of the population have no regular access to food, while 50% have no regular source of drinkable water. Ummah Welfare Trust is on the ground in the capital, Sana’a distributing…

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Camps In Iraq For Mosul Refugees

Living in Uncertainty

Read the latest account of Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team in Iraq: Reflecting on our visits to Iraq’s refugee camps, and after meeting thousands of orphans and widows, we are truly reminded of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon…

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Financial Assistance For Iraq's Displaced

Helping the Displaced in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Over the weekend, Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team provided financial assistance to over a thousand displaced families in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah. These families were desperately poor after having fled their homes in Diyala, Ramadi and other southern…

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A Displacement Camp In Iraq

Starvation in Iraq’s Camps

We've all sadly seen the images of malnourished children in Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere. Coming to Iraq however, I never expected to see such a situation here, a land that was once a bread basket for the Ummah. Today during…

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Between Grief and Happiness

Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team are currently in North Iraq providing financial assistance to refugee families from Mosul. Read their first account: Today we travelled to the dusty al Khazer Camp just outside the city of Erbil with the aim…

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Assisting A Widow In Iraq

Remembering Her Murdered Father

Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK team are in North Iraq providing financial assistance to refugee families from Mosul. Read their latest account: We awoke on Thursday morning with another long day of zakat distributions ahead of us. During the day an…

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