The New Masjid Shaykh Muhammad Deedat

The new Masjid Shaykh Muhammad Deedat

  • 13th March 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust has completed the construction of Masjid Shaykh Muhammad Deedat in Namilongo, rural Malawi (watch the video above). Alhamdulillah, the Masjid was built under the instruction of Mufti Shabbir Ahmed Sahib and the family of Shaykh Muhammad Deedat…

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Bringing Warmth To Syria’s Families (Winter Aid 2018-19)

Bringing Warmth to Syria’s Families (Winter Aid 2018-19)

  • 8th March 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust spent over £1 million helping freezing families in Syria this winter, alhamdulillah. Over 15,000 families were helped with blankets, rugs, fuel, clothing and household supplies. The aid was delivered across Syria’s northern areas: Idlib, Aleppo, North Hama…

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Sadness And Happiness In The Camps Of Iraq

Sadness and Happiness in the Camps of Iraq

  • 20th February 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust UK team’s second-day account in Iraq When we think of families in refugee camps, we normally think their main test is leave their homes behind and to survive in tents without proper facilities. On our second day…

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The Unbelievable Suffering Of A Widow In Iraq

The Unbelievable Suffering of a Widow in Iraq

  • 19th February 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust UK team’s eye witness account in Iraq A few days before Umar RadhyAllahu ‘anh was assassinated, he said, ‘If I live a little longer I will not leave a single widow in Iraq in need of assistance.’…

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Helping Gambia’s Poor Qur’an Teachers

Helping Gambia’s Poor Qur’an Teachers

  • 12th February 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust earlier this year brought together over 190 Tahfeedh centres from across Gambia's communities in an unprecedented workshop to improve hifdh outcomes. The workshop concluded yesterday with 969 registered teachers each receiving a cash grant of GMD 30,000…

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Bringing Warmth To Gaza (Winter 2018-19)

Bringing Warmth to Gaza (Winter 2018-19)

  • 31st January 2019

Ummah Welfare Trust provided over 2,000 families in besieged Gaza with blankets, LED lights and coats this winter الحمد لله. Families with asbestos roofing were also provided with nylon sheets. Gaza has been under siege for twelve years. At least…

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Warmth For Iraq’s Families This Winter

Warmth for Iraq’s Families this Winter

  • 24th January 2019

Almost a million Iraqi Muslims still live in desert camps despite the battle for Mosul finishing over two years ago. Ummah Welfare Trust's delivered blankets and fuel to thousands of these poor families in West Anbar and South Mosul this…

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What Is Lillah?

What is Lillah?

  • 18th January 2019

Lillah meaning 'for Allah', comprises any form of charity given in the cause of Allah on a pure voluntary basis. This charitable giving is over and above the Zakat that one is liable for. For instance, many charitable organisations collect…

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