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A Girl And Her Brother In Syria

Responding in the Year of Covid: A Summary of 2020

Ummah Welfare Trust spent over £45 million during 2020, providing relief to poor and suffering Muslims around the Ummah. Alhamdulillah, the charity has released a unique year-end video showing how your donations were delivered. Watch the video and share with…

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A Derelict House In Gaza

New Homes for Gaza’s Besieged Families

The ongoing blockade of Gaza has created a huge housing crisis. Homes that were destroyed in 2014’s airstrikes have remained destroyed. Many Muslims today continue to live in a pitiful state. Alhamdulillah, Ummah Welfare Trust has provided home-renovation grants to…

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Food Assistance For A Mother In Syria

Winter Food in Syria’s Azaz Camp

Ummah Welfare Trust is providing over 12,000 families in Syria’s Azaz refugee camp with vital food supplies this winter, alhamdulillah. Long-displaced families are receiving 30kg of food to nourish them in the cold nights. See how your donations are reaching…

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Wheelchairs For Syria's Displaced

A New Wheelchair for Brother Mohammad in Idlib

Learn about the tragic story of Mohammad Loay Dhila'a - a father who survived the destruction of Ma'arat Nu'man in northern Syria earlier this year. Help displaced brothers like him this winter by donating to Ummah Welfare Trust Syria's Container…

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Distributing Water To Children In Gaza

Monthly Project Update: October 2020

Over £11 million was spent in October 2020 to help our brothers and sisters around the world. The big extra spend was due to large zakat programmes taking place in Syria, Gambia and Yemen. Learn more by reading the latest…

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A New Wheelchair For A Child In Syria

A New Wheelchair for Young Ali in Syria

Ummah Welfare Trust continues to support the most vulnerable in Syria. Your donations provided a much-needed wheel chair to young boy, displaced in the small town of Harem. Watch the video to see how you have changed young Ali’s life.

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Distributing Water To Families In South Sana'a, Yemen

Quenching the Thirst in Yemen’s Capital

Yemen is facing a disastrous economic situation. An estimated 80% of the population have no regular access to food, while 50% have no regular source of drinkable water. Ummah Welfare Trust is on the ground in the capital, Sana’a distributing…

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