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500 Masjids in Mosul Destroyed & Bodies still under the Rubble after Two Years

Ummah Welfare Trust UK Staff visit Iraq’s second city of Mosul

We entered Mosul, also know as Neynava. This is the city where Ibrahim ‘alayhis salaam confronted Namrood and challenged his claim of godhood. This is the also the city where Yunus ‘alayhis-salaam resided and from where he left his people, warning them of Allah’s punishment.

Allah however decreed for Yunus ‘alayhis salaam to end up in the stomach of a whale and then miraculously saved him after his du’a. His people were the only people who were spared the punishment of Allah after repenting.

The graves of the prophets, Sheeth and Danyal ‘alayhimus-salaam are also in this city.

As we entered Mosul, the signs of destruction were clear around us. The bombings destroyed over 500 masjids, including the historic masjid of Noorudeen Zinki Rahimahullah.

Building after building has been reduced to rubble. The aftermath has left 15,000 houses destroyed and 100,000 orphans and 40,000 widows to fend for themselves. Thousands of deceased bodies lay still under the rubble two years after the battle ended.

May Allah have mercy on those who were killed, and those who survived but remain with no-one to help them other than Allah.

Alhamdulillah Ummah Welfare Trust is sponsoring over 400 widows and orphans in Mosul and plans to rebuild houses for our brothers and sisters so that they can have a roof over their heads once more.

(UWT UK team, Iraq)