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China’s Oppression and Assisting Uighur Refugees in Turkey

Ummah Welfare Trust’s UK Team assist Uighur Muslims in Turkey who fled China to save their Imaan

Seventy years ago China annexed the Uighur Muslims’ homeland of East Turkestan. The region was historically Muslim-ruled with a Muslim majority.

The oppression of the Uighur Muslims in Turkestan is today unparalleled. Over one million of them have been imprisoned in concentration camps. The Qur’an and fasting have been banned, while all youth under 18 are not allowed in the masjid. A single madrasah today does not exist in the whole region.

My initial thoughts at the time of arriving in Istanbul to help some Uighur refugees who had fled was that, after facing such severe restrictions, they would be Muslim only in name.

To my surprise the majority of the sisters who were recipients of Ummah Welfare Trust’s cash grants were pious, adhered to Islamic dress and loved their religion.

The Uighurs all told us that they had no contact with their families in China. Many did not know if their parents or loved ones were in jail or even alive.

We visited the home of one poor Uighur refugee who told us that he had been imprisoned for four years because he performed salaah with jama’ah with four other people in his home. As punishment he was electrocuted and had his fingernails pulled out.

Finding and assisting people who have lost everything because of their Iman holds unimaginable reward. It is what the Ansaar of Madinah did for their Muhajireen brethren fleeing persecution.

While distributing cash grants to the families, one sister wept bitterly. We enquired why and she told us she was facing heavy debts after losing everything. We increased her aid therefore.

The hall was resounding with ‘Allah Razost’ (May Allah be pleased with you). It made me think about how lucky and fortunate the donors and organizers of this programme were for receiving such a lofty du’a from oppressed Muslims – whose du’a Allah does not reject.

May Allah ease the suffering of our Muslim brothers and sisters in East Turkestan and make us like the Ansaar, who assisted those driven from their homes solely because of the kalimah.

Alhamdulillah Ummah Welfare Trust provided financial grants to *125 Uighur families* in Turkey. We ask Allah for acceptance, as well as forgiveness for neglecting the Ummah.

(UWT UK Team in Istanbul, 21.02.19)