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Starvation in Iraq’s Camps

We’ve all sadly seen the images of malnourished children in Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere.

Coming to Iraq however, I never expected to see such a situation here, a land that was once a bread basket for the Ummah.

Today during distributions for families who fled the fighting in Sunni areas, a widow arrived holding an almost lifeless one year old girl. The child was malnourished and badly emaciated. Her pale skin hung limply off her tiny skeletal frame.

Her sharp cheekbones and sunken eyes were a clear sign of the terrible hunger she has endured in her short life, Allahu musta’an.

Iraq was the seat of Muslim rule for many centuries before, and those who lived under its shade enjoyed abundant harvests and security.

Today it’s inheritors live in hunger, dejection and fear. And speaking to many of them, they expect the coming future to be even worse.

May Allah establish and honour all those who’ve been driven from their homes in recent years. Ameen.