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Ummah Welfare Trust has linked up with to provide you with an easy and effective way to collect sponsors and money for your own fundraising campaigns.

With Ummah Welfare Trust, every single pound we receive through Just Giving, including the Gift Aid, is allocated towards a fundraiser’s intended project.

It takes just five minutes to set up your own web page at Just log on to and follow the instructions to build your page. Once your page is complete, you can email the page’s address to family, friends and colleagues. They will then be able to donate online with a credit or debit card.

Advantages of setting up your own page

1.  It’s quick and easy.

2. Forget about the hassle of cash and cheques.

3. It can be personalised. Include your own message and update the page as your fundraising progresses.

4. Ask friends overseas to donate as well.

5. It’s available to all, so you could be raising money from people you’ve never met.

6. Every time someone sponsors you, you receive an email notification.

7. Access a page which gives you a breakdown of the money you raise through your campaign.

Important Information

Depending on the type of payment and card used, JustGiving will deduct a certain amount from the money donated. See

If the project you have chosen to fundraise for accepts Zakat donations then we recommend you include the following sentence on your fundraising page: ‘If you wish to donate your Zakat a small charge is applied by JG prior to forwarding your donation to the Trust. Therefore, to ensure you have paid the sufficient amount for your Zakat to be covered please follow this link: ’

Please ensure any projects that you are fundraising for are being implemented by Ummah Welfare Trust. Stay updated via the website.

For fundraising events or activities, please seek Ummah Welfare Trust’s advice. The charity will advise in line with its policies, however it will not be held responsible for any methods of fundraising used by individuals or groups, nor their consequences.

To ensure your fundraising progress can be tracked, please email [email protected] before starting your JustGiving page. This is especially important for projects in which feedback is provided, e.g. water wells, masjid construction etc. For projects with fixed prices, you should set your target slightly higher than the sum required to factor in the fees deducted by JustGiving.

Donations towards any of the projects can only be allocated to it so long as the project is running. Any money donated after it has closed will be allocated to the relevant country and ‘Most Needy’ project..