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Visiting the Mountainous Region of Logar

Ummah Welfare Trust UK in Afghanistan

Afghan trip

Contrary to what many of us would assume about Afghanistan, that masjids are in abundance, this is not entirely accurate.

We visited the dry mountainous region of Logar, to the south of the capital Kabul.

This province saw vicious fighting for many years, compelling many families to flee their villages and hamlets until peace returned in 2021.

Night raids, drone strikes, forced disappearances, and indiscriminate shelling were all the norm here until Allah’s (Most High) tranquillity descended, alhamduillah.

As we travelled, we noticed that small graveyards across the province abounded, clearly a testament to the number of residents killed here in the years gone by.

Ummah Welfare Trust is building five masjids here, alhamdulillah. We visited the sites of four of them, in the villages of Mughal Khel, Porok, Korte Mamoreen and Ido Khel.

These villages, though seemingly near to one another, took a lot of work to get to. The broken, irregular patchwork roads linking them all made travelling uncomfortable and long.

Far from any electric grid, villagers here were oblivious to the ongoings of the outside world. But they knew who Allah and His Messenger ﷺ were, and that no doubt sufficed them in all these years of hardship.

Alhamdulillah, they were so grateful for Ummah Welfare Trust’s new masjids, which they unsuccessfully sought for years to build.

The masjids are strategically located, allowing travellers and madrasah students to use them when needed.

Deep wells are also being bored in each masjid, alhamdulillah: a lifeline in this mostly dry province, where many previously bored wells had dried and become unusable, mainly due to not being deep enough. The main river in the area was also dry while we were there.

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‘Whomsoever builds for Allah a masjid like( the size of sparrow’s nest) or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Jannah.’ (Ibn Majah)

Contrary to common belief, that you’ll only be rewarded for building a full masjid, any small amount sincerely given towards a masjid will guarantee you a house in Jannah inshaAllah.

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