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Suffering of the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ in Somalia!

‘I saw my daughter die before me, and I could do nothing,’ said Fatima, who walked with her nine children for 15 days to reach Baidoa. ‘I carried her for 10 days. We had to leave her by the side of the road. We had no strength to bury her. We could hear the hyenas closing in.’ she continued. Away from the world‘s eyes, a drought in Somalia has impacted more than 6.7 million Muslims. Ummah Welfare Trust has been responding to droughts in Somalia since 2010. Today’s one, however, is the worst in decades, and yet many of us are unaware! The charity has launched a £1 million emergency appeal and has field staff on the ground to deliver the life-saving aid. Please see this important video from the charity’s trustee, Shaykh Muhammad Ahmad, imploring Muslims to respond to this calamity. You can use whatever means or organisations to deliver aid to the hungry children, so long as we know the Ummah is responding and the tears flowing from starving children’s eyes can be stopped.