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What happens after I donate?
– You will receive an instant email receipt with confirmation of your payment.
– You will receive a detail sheet within 4-6 weeks of your donation.
– You will receive a progress reports within one year of your donation. (Not available for orphans in Syria).

For Regular Payments
– If you want to make regular payments, please download an Orphan Sponsorship Form (PDF).
– If you have online banking you can call in and request a reference number.
– For further enquiries you can call in and we will be happy to explain the process.

Orphan Sponsorship Guide
– A feedback report for each orphan is only provided if the full yearly amount is paid or if standing order payments are consistent.
– Ummah Welfare Trust reserves the right to raise sponsorship prices if circumstances necessitate. Donors will be informed prior to any monthly price rises.
– Annual Progress Reports are sent out between April and July.
– Standing orders are feasible only for UK bank accounts. For donors outside the UK wishing to sponsor an orphan, please set up a bank transfer for the specified amount and inform Ummah Welfare Trust as to what the money is intended for.