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Helping Gambia’s Poor Qur’an Teachers

Ummah Welfare Trust earlier this year brought together over 190 Tahfeedh centres from across Gambia’s communities in an unprecedented workshop to improve hifdh outcomes.

The workshop concluded yesterday with 969 registered teachers each receiving a cash grant of GMD 30,000 (approximately £475). The amount will make a huge difference for these impoverished teachers, many of whom are indebted and earn no more than £24 a month.
The principal of one Islamic institute, whose needy teachers were helped in the programme, says:

“This money has helped us a lot. It’s helped us better our living condition and our houses. Also sisters have greatly benefited from this assistance.

I know some of the younger brothers that received this assistance said they would buy a small land so they can reside there in the future, in some areas you can find a small land worth 25,000 dalasi.

I also saw some brothers after our lesson went and bought a whole bag of rice. Alhamdullilah this has greatly benefitted us. One of them also received a sponsorship to go and study in Mecca, Saudi, but his visa didn’t arrive and he’s supposed to travel in two weeks’ time. So a few of the brothers said they will get together and help him pay for his visa which costs 40,080 and if he gets into the university he can pay them back later.

Also some sisters said they’re going to buy a bed, cupboard and other essentials women need in their houses. Alhamdullilah this is a great blessing.

Some of them have never seen 10,000 dalasi, and in one day they receive 30,000 (£496). This is from the greatest blessings of Allah upon us.”

May Allah accept donors’ role in bringing this happiness.