When making a bank transfer, please include a reference, i.e. donor ID, name, postcode etc.
Email this, along with your donation and personal details to If no information is received within one working day of making the transfer, Ummah Welfare Trust will receipt it according to the nearest Qurbani price. Otherwise the donation will be receipted as a ‘Zakat’ donation.

UK Transfers
If you wish to donate by making a bank transfer, you will require the following account details:

Account name: Ummah Welfare Trust
Sort Code: 30-00-83
Account Number: 01106403
Bank name and address:
Al Rayan Bank,
601 Stockport Road,
M13 0RX

To help us trace your donation, we strongly advise that you add a unique reference, such as your Donor ID or postcode & door number or name, etc. when making the transfer.

International Transfers
Please use the following account details if you are transferring donations from outside the UK:

Account name: Ummah Welfare Trust
IBAN: GB22ARAY30008301106403
Branch name and address:
Al Rayan Bank,
601 Stockport Road,
M13 0RX


Please inform the charity within one working day either by:

1. Completing the bank transfer form and email to

2. Emailing (or  phone 0800 4 0800 11 or + 44 (0) 1204 661 030) informing us of:

  • The project(s) you wish the donation to go towards.
  • Your intention/niyah i.e. Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah, etc.
  • The amount donated.
  • The reference you used i.e. your name, donor ID, postcode, etc.
  • Please state if you wish to Gift Aid your donation.
  • If you require an email receipt please provide the relevant email address.
  • If you require a postal receipt please provide your full postal address.

If you do not inform us within one working day of a bank transfer being made, the charity will receipt it as ‘Zakat’ in the ‘Most Needy’ project, as an anonymous donation.

If you wish your donation to be ‘anonymous’ but have a specific intention and project, then please call or email with these details along with the reference used – or, if able, provide these details as reference on your donation.