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Ummah Welfare Trust currently runs an Islamic centre in Sierra Leone’s inland city of Makeni, where over 380 needy students are given free Islamic education. Students also given free meals, while many also enjoy free boarding, alhamdulillah.

However, the need for robust Islamic education in Sierra Leone remains huge, and so the services provided by the Islamic centre need to expand. For this reason, Ummah Welfare Trust is raising funds to rebuild and expand the centre to cater for more students, teachers and worshippers.

Once complete, the centre will provide education to over 600 students inshaAllah.

Classes will run from nursery up to the college years, while there’ll also be aalim courses and evening classes for adults. The centre will have the following:

Eighteen classrooms, each accommodating 30 students.
A library for students to help them learn and increase their knowledge.
Staff room for teachers to use during breaks and free periods.
Toilet and wudhu facilities for all students and staff.
An Islamic Primary and Secondary school.
An Islamic alimiyyah course.
Hifdh classes for boys and girls.

‘The Messenger of Allah ﷺ embraced Ibn Abbas (RadhyAllahu ‘anhu) and said, ‘O Allah! Teach him (the knowledge of) the Book (Qur’an).’

In an ambitious project, Ummah Welfare Trust needs your help to raise enough funds to build this new school. Donate to this centre to ensure the continuation of sacred knowledge; and to save and strengthen the imaan of current and future Muslims in Sierra Leone.

The fundraising target for this new school is £200,000.
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