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Conferences – Events – Activities

DateOrganised byLocationTitleLink
26/12/2015Luton Pool & Snooker ClubLutonDoubles & Singles Pool CompetitionPoster
26/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustLutonCharity Bake Sale for SyriaPoster
19/12/2015MathemaxEast Ham, LondonGCSE Algebra MasterclassPoster
19/12/2015Handsworth Wood Youth GroupBirminghamFather & Child Bonding DayPoster
14/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustLutonMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
13/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
13/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
12/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustGlasgowMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
11/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
10/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBradfordMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
09/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustSheffieldMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
08/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustWolverhamptonMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
07/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustWalsallMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
07/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustWalsallMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
06/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
05/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustIlfordMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
04/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustWembleyMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
04/12/2015Ummah Welfare TrustEdmontonMuhammad al Muqit UK TourPoster
27/11/2015Greenwich University IsocLondonThe Everlasting AbodePoster
23/11/2015Greenwich University IsocLondonGreenwich University Charity WeekPoster
25/10/2015Madina PizzaLondonEat for CharityPoster
25/10/2015As-SabiqoonHayesShaam Cup Football TournamentPoster
17/10/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsbury100 Sisters of Shaam Street CollectionPoster
10/10/2015Ummah Welfare TrustLeedsCloseness to Allah Through CharityPoster
03/10/2015Ummah Welfare TrustGlasgowStreet Collection for SyriaPoster
01/10/2015Masjid Zeenat ul IslamCoventryCollection for RefugeesPoster
30/09/2015Al Johari EssenceUKAl Johari Essence for SyriaPoster
21/09/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamBirmingham to Syria Winter ContainerPoster
20/09/2015Direct Auto CarsBirminghamCharity Car Wash for SyriaPoster
20/09/2015Masjid Abu BakrBradfordIn the Footsteps of Ibrahim Alayhis-salaamPoster
19/09/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBatleySisters United for Widows in SyriaPoster
19/09/2015HabbahBoltonChildren of Syria & Gaza Sisters EventPoster
13/09/2015VolunteersBirminghamAhsan Jalil Football TournamentPoster
13/09/2015Handsworth Wood Youth GroupBirminghamPaintball for IraqPoster
12/09/2015Islam in St AlbansSt AlbansCharity Food BazaarPoster
31/08/2015VolunteersLutonCommunity Cup 2015Poster
30/08/2015Deane & Derby Cricket ClubBoltonVeterans Football Rematch 2015Poster
30/08/2015Sadaqah EventsLeedsBurma Cup 2015Poster
30/08/2015VolunteersCrawleyCrawley Salaam Event 2015Poster
30/08/2015VolunteersCrawleyCrawley Salaam Event for SistersPoster
30/08/2015One UmmahBurnleyOne Ummah Football TournamentPoster
22/08/2015VolunteersLondonSisters Charity Bazaar for a Water WellPoster
22/08/2015Power League NewhamLondonFootball Tournament for the RohingyaPoster
23/08/2015Helping HumanityGloucestershireTough Mudder Charity ChallengePoster
15/08/2015Ummah Welfare TrustSnowdonSnowdon Summit Climb for Syria 2015Poster
On-goingTawakul Lifeline UKLondonReal Beauty for Less for CharityPoster
08/08/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonGreat UWT Shop SalePoster
08/08/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyStreet Collection for SyriaPoster
02/08/2015VolunteersNelsonSisters Charity Fundraiser for SyriaPoster
25/07/2015United HandsLondonUnited Hands Eid BazaarPoster
15/07/2015VolunteersBirmingham & WalsallDoughnuts for SyriaPoster
14/07/2015VolunteersLutonSweet Treats StallPoster
14/07/2015Markazi Jamia MasjidRotherhamMarkazi Jamia Masjid Free IftaarPoster
12/07/2015Ramadan RadioSloughBlessed Lands Radio AppealPoster
12/07/2015VolunteersBromley-By-BowCharity Car WashPoster
12/07/2015Albion Hand Car Wash & ValetingDewsburyEid Charity Car WashPoster
12/07/2015VolunteersLutonKrispy Kremes Sale for Syria & BurmaPoster
12/07/2015VolunteersCrawleyCharity Fun Day for Gaza and BurmaPoster
12/07/2015Slough Car ValetingSloughCharity Car WashPoster
12/07/2015Reel Fish & ChipsBoltonIftaar for SyriaPoster
11/07/2015Reel Fish & ChipsLiverpoolIftaar for SyriaPoster
11/07/2015VolunteersLondonBeckton Charity Car Wash for Syria & BurmaPoster
11/07/2015VolunteersLondon3 Fronts BBQPoster
11/07/2015VolunteersBirminghamShining Stars Ramadan EventPoster
10/07/2015VolunteersBirminghamCharity Car Wash for Syria & YemenPoster
Through RamadhanSunnah FoodsLutonSunnah Foods Ramadhan CampaignPoster
05/07/2015VolunteersDewsburyWomen's Fundraising DayPoster
05/07/2015VolunteersLondonCharity Car Wash for PalestinePoster
05/07/2015Car Wash SpecialistsLutonLuton Charity Car WashPoster
05/07/2015HFCLeedsHFC Day of GivingPoster
05/07/2015Tower Hamlets Muslim ProfessionalsLondonRohingya Charity Auction & IftaarPoster
04/07/2015Empower WomenHounslowSisters Ramadhan Charity Iftaar DinnerPoster
04/07/2015VolunteersNuneatonCharity Takeaway for BurmaPoster
Through RamadhanVolunteerLondonUmmah Massage for CharityPoster
27/06/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyDewsbury Ramadhan Street CollectionsPoster
14/06/2015Ummah Welfare TrustMiddlesexBlessed Land Cup 2015Poster
13/06/2015HabbahBlackburnOrphan Campaign Ramadhan Charity EventPoster
07/06/2015Islam in St AlbansMiddlesexPreparing for RamadhanPoster
07/06/2015VolunteersLondonWater Relief TournamentPoster
07/06/2015RUS EventsBirminghamSisters Unity FundayPoster
06/06/2015Masjid NimraBirminghamSisters FundayPoster
04/06/2015Newham Islamic Learning CentreLondonCake & Food Sale For GazaPoster
31/05/2015VolunteersBirminghamSisters FUnday for NepalPoster
17/05/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDundeeCharity Dinner for GazaPoster
16/05/2015Qur'an AcademyLondonDialogue with ShaytanPoster
03/05/2015Albion Hand Car WashDewsburyCharity Car Wash for Yemen & SyriaPoster
25/04/2015VolunteersLondon to ParisLondon to Paris Charity Bike RidePoster
18/04/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBradfordA Mercy to MankindPoster
17/04/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamUnite For SyriaPoster
17/04/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyStreet Collection for SyriaPoster
21/03/2015Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyStreet Collection for SyriaPoster
15/03/2015Handsworth Wood Youth GroupBirminghamGo Karting for CharityPoster
14/03/2015Hope & KnowledgeCambridge to LondonCambridge to London MoonridePoster
07/03/2015VolunteersBirminghamThe Forgotten UmmahPoster
Through the WinterAtlas OsteopathyLondonOsteopathy Treatment for CharityPoster
21/02/2015 - 07/03/2015Various OrganisationsLondonFood DrivePoster
15/02/2015Al YusraRochdaleNational Islamic Art ExhibitionPoster
07/02/2015HabbahPrestonChildren of Gaza & Syria Charity NightPoster
31/01/2015Luton Pool CentreLutonWinter Sports CompetitionPoster
31/01/2015Luton Pool CentreLutonTable Tennis CompetitionPoster
31/01/2015Luton Pool CentreLutonPool Doubles CompetitionPoster
31/01/2015Luton Pool CentreLutonFifa 15 CompetitionPoster
25/01/2015Swindon Jamia MasjidSwindonSeerah of Muhammad ﷺPoster
25/01/2015Sadaqah EventsLeedsSyria Cup 2015Poster
24/01/2015Ansaar ul UmmahDewsburyStreet CollectionPoster
10/01/2015Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonCharity Dinner to Keep the Ummah WarmPoster
03/01/2015VolunteersBatleyLadies Winter FundayPoster

* This page includes all events where Ummah Welfare Trust has been invited to speak, fundraise and events where all proceeds will be donated to Ummah Welfare Trust.

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