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DateOrganised byLocationTitleLink
28/12/2013Fresh N Up LaundryLutonFresh N Up Day of GivingPoster
28/12/2013Little Care Bearz NurseryBirminghamSisters and Children FundayPoster
21/12/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSt. AlbansThe Land of ShaamPoster
21/12/2013Under the ShadeLondonThe Best of WomenPoster
13/12/2013VolunteersLondonThe Blessed Land of ShaamPoster
08/12/2013Ummah Welfare TrustRotherhamRekindling the One UmmahPoster
07/12/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLutonSyria Bake SalePoster
01/12/2013VolunteersCoventryState of the UmmahPoster
29/11/2013Greenwich Islamic CentreLondonThe Forgotten Children of ShaamPoster
10/11/2013Hope SpringLeedsSyria Eyewitness AccountPoster
08/11/2013Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburySyria Eyewitness AccountPoster
02/11/2013VolunteersBirminghamSisters FundayPoster
01/11/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHuddersfieldSyria Eyewitness AccountPoster
27/10/2013VolunteersWalthamstowSisters Lunch & Bazaar for SyriaPoster
25/10/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSheffieldSyria Eyewitness AccountPoster
19/10/2013VolunteersBatleyFamily Funday in Aid of SyriaPoster
19/10/2013VolunteersSheffieldFamily Funday in Aid of SyriaPoster
12/10/2013VolunteersHuddersfieldSisters and Children FundayPoster
06/10/2013VolunteersLeedsSisters for SyriaPoster
05/10/2013Under the ShadeLondonEid SoukPoster
27/09/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLutonUnite O UmmahPoster
20/09/2013VolunteersLondon to ParisCycle for the UmmahPoster
14/09/2013VolunteersWalsallOne Ummah Charity FundayPoster
31/08/2013VolunteersCoventryCharity Eid FundayPoster
26/08/2013VolunteersLutonGoals 4 GazaPoster
07/08/2013VolunteersBirminghamUltimate Pre-Eid EventPoster
04/08/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHayesUnity in the UmmahPoster
04/08/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSwindonKhatmul QuranPoster
28/07/2013VolunteersCoventryThe Prophet's Love for the UmmahPoster
27/07/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSloughRadio Ramadhan Pledge DayPoster
21/07/2013Ummah Welfare TrustDewsburyDewsbury Radio Ramadhan AppealPoster
21/07/2013Youth of NuneatonNuneatonCharity Iftaar for SyriaPoster
14/07/2013VolunteersCoventryRamadhan - A Month of Mercy`Poster
13/07/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLutonLuton Inspire FM Radio AppealPoster
07/07/2013VolunteersCoventryUmmah Cup 2013Poster
06/07/2013VolunteersLutonA Day of GivingPoster
06/07/2013VolunteersCoventryNew Life ProjectPoster
30/06/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSt. AlbansFamily FundayPoster
29/06/2013Ummah Welfare TrustStokeSisters FundayPoster
16/06/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLockwoodPrepare Yourself for RamadhanPoster
16/06/2013Ummah Welfare TrustDerbyCries of the UmmahPoster
08/06/2013Ummah Welfare TrustChorleyCries of ShaamPoster
28/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamSisters FundayPoster
26/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustMount SnowdonTrek for the UmmahPoster
25/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLutonKids FundayPoster
25/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonRemembering SyriaPoster
19/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonCries of the UmmahPoster
19/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHemel HempsteadSisters FundayPoster
19/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBlackpoolCries of ShaamPoster
12/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHemel HempsteadA Cry from SyriaPoster
11/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustPrestonAbu Bakr Siddique RAPoster
04/05/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBatleyCries of ShaamPoster
27/04/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamCharity DinnerPoster
07/04/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondon ColneyShaam - The Blessed LandPoster
07/04/2013East London Elite FCLondonUmmah Cup 2013Poster
31/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBurnleyAbu 'Ubaydah ibn al JarrahPoster
30/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamIntoxicants: The Road to DestructionPoster
23/03/2013Luton Pool CentreLutonA Day of GivingPoster
23/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustWalsallShaam - The Blessed LandPoster
16/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonShaam - The Blessed LandPoster
09/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonThe Cries of the UmmahPoster
02/03/2013Ummah Welfare TrustGlasgowAllah is Sufficient for usPoster
24/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonFor my Majesty - SeminarPoster
23/02/2013VolunteersBirminghamGaza in NeedPoster
23/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnAbu 'Ubaydah ibn al JarrahPoster
23/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHigh WycombeAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
16/01/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamShaam, The Blessed LandPoster
16/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBradfordAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
16/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
15/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
12/02/2013VolunteersBirminghamMarriage and Family LifePoster
09/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustHuddersfieldAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
09/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonUnity in the UmmahPoster
03/02/2013Swindon Jamia MasjidSwindonAl Mustafa - The Chosen One & Quran Completion CeremonyPoster
02/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonThe Blessed Land of ShaamPoster
02/02/2013Ummah Welfare TrustBatleyAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
29/01/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonShaam, The Blessed LandPoster
26/01/2013Ummah Welfare TrustSheffieldAllah is Sufficient for UsPoster
11/01/2013Ummah Welfare TrustLondonThe Blessed Land of Shaam

* This page includes all events where Ummah Welfare Trust has been invited to speak, fundraise and events where all proceeds will be donated to Ummah Welfare Trust.

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