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DateOrganised byLocationTitleLink
25/12/2011Ummah Welfare TrustLondonThe Reality of Isa (AS)Poster
23/12/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirmingham(Sisters) Charity Dinner - FundraiserPoster
26/11/2011Ummah Welfare TrustNelson(Sisters) Charity Dinner - FundraiserPoster
16/10/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamCharity EventPoster
16/10/2011Ummah Welfare TrustLondonIn the footsteps of Ibrahim (AS)Poster
16/10/2011Ummah Welfare TrustWembleyCharity Football TournamentPoster
08/10/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamCharity FundayPoster
08/10/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnSomalia Charity EventPoster
25/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonAfrica Charity FundraiserPoster
24/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonCharity FundayPoster
23/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBoltonAfrica Live AppealPoster
18/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustNorburyFundraiser for the forgottenPoster
17/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnMen around the MessengerPoster
16/09/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBatleySomalia Eyewitness AccountPoster
28/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustSwindonKhatm-e-QuraanPoster
28/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBradfordFundraiser IftaarPoster
28/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustLondonPledge DayPoster
27/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustPrestonEast Africa - Eyewitness AccountPoster
27/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnEast Africa -Eyewitness AccountPoster
21/08/2011Hajeez Peri PeriLutonFundraiserPoster
12/08/2011AOne DosaLutonA Day of GivingPoster
07-13/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustDewsbury, BatleyThe Best Women of our UmmahPoster
07/08/2011Ummah Welfare TrustCoventryLove for the ProphetPoster
23/07/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamUmmah Sisters FundayPoster
17/07/2011Sunnah FoodsLutonFundraiserPoster
23/07/2011Ummah Welfare TrustSnowdonTrek for the UmmahPoster
17/07/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnCharity Bazaar, Barbecue & Car WashPoster
01/07/2011Grill FellasLondonFundraiserPoster
25/06/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBen NevisTrek for the UmmahPoster
12/06/2011Ummah Welfare TrustCoventryCharity Auction and FundayPoster
11/06/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBatleyThe Life of Abubakr (RA)Poster
11/06/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamSisters FundayPoster
9-10/06/2011Al-MuhsinaatLondonThe Ideal MuslimahPoster
15/05/2011Jamia MasjidSwindonSigns of the Last HourPoster
01/05/2011SK FoodsLutonA Day of GivingPoster
30/04/2011Al Rahmah MosqueLiverpoolBrotherhood in IslamPoster
23/04/2011E AalimOnlineReflections on the Last DaysPoster
23/04/2011Islamik InfusionsLondonCharity Luncheon (Sisters Only)Poster
14/04/2011My BazaarBirminghamCharity Fun DayPoster
09/04/2011Glasgow Central MosqueGlasgowSpring ConferencePoster
27/03/2011Cafe 1LutonFundraiserPoster
18/03/2011City IsocLondonFleeing to AllahPoster
13/03/2011Shah Jalal MasjidCoventryPakistan Flood AppealPoster
27/02/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBlackburnSisters FundayPoster
18/02/2011Queen Mary IsocLondonLove Happens - Sisters DinnerPoster
29/01/2011Ummah Welfare TrustBirminghamThe Life of Umar (RA)Poster
22/01/2011Ummah Welfare TrustRochdaleThe Life of Umar (RA)Poster
15/01/2011Ummah Welfare TrustLondonThe Life of Umar (RA)Poster
09/01/2011Ummah Welfare TrustLondon (Sisters Only)Suffering of the UmmahPoster
09/01/2011HX DawahHalifaxYa UmmatiPoster

* This page includes all events where Ummah Welfare Trust has been invited to speak, fundraise and events where all proceeds will be donated to Ummah Welfare Trust.

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