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Uighur Muslims A Nation Forgotten
Uighur Muslims Forgotten

In China today, up to 3 million Uighur Muslims have been detained in a network of concentration camps. Dispersed across the country, men are tortured in these camps, children are separated from parents, women are raped and slavery is enforced.

Outside of the camps, in the Uighurs’ homeland of East Turkestan, Islam has been completely banned. The Qur’an and fasting are outlawed, Islamic dress is disallowed and ancient masjids have either been bulldozed or turned into bars.

In response to what is undoubtedly the biggest ethnic cleansing campaign since WW2, the world, and in particular the Muslim Ummah, is silent. Allah forgive us.

For the fortunate few who have fled the genocide of their homeland, notably to Turkey, Ummah Welfare Trust is beginning a new programme to help them start again. You can donate your Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah to help Uighur refugees in Turkey with financial and household aid.

Let us make the most of these opportunities to do good by donating for this new appeal. Let us strive to help our Uighur brothers and sisters today.

Uighur girl in Turkey

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
‘He who is in front of a believer who is humiliated and does not assist him whilst he is able to, Allah will humiliate him ahead of the whole creation on the Day of Judgement.’