The war has destroyed the food security that Syrians once enjoyed.
Food stores, factories and even farms have been deliberately bombed and targeted.

Fuel shortages have added to the problem. Many factories spared from the bombing still cannot operate due to the now-exorbitant costs of production.

To help tackle the bread shortage, Ummah Welfare Trust is supporting a bread factory in Binnish, South Idlib . The factory, 5km east of Samarda (site of the Ummah camp) will provide bread to over 1,000 families each day.

If we are to feed our brothers and sisters, then your help is needed. The factory costs approximately £400 each day to run. Please donate and support our hungry brothers and sisters.


‘Ali bin Husayn used to carry bread on his back in the darkness of the night and follow the poor people (to give it to them). He would say, ‘Charity in the darkness of the night extinguishes the Lords anger.’
[Al-Dhahabi, Siyar Alam al Nubala]

£400 a day
Support the bread bakery