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Feed Somalia's Drought Victims
Feed Somalia's Drought Victims

Hunger today looms over the lives of millions Somali Muslims. Five straight failed rainy seasons have left rivers in Somalia dry, and once-fertile lands barren.

Today’s drought is thought to be the country’s worst for forty years. With more low harvests expected, the numbers facing hunger across the Horn of Africa could balloon to tens of millions.

‘Surely from amongst the deeds that make paradise incumbent is the feeding of a hungry Muslim.’ [Hakim]

The lack of news about this suffocating drought doesn’t diminish its severity, nor our responsibility.

Ummah Welfare Trust has launched an emergency appeal to bring food to starving families in the country’s worst-hit areas. Just £95 can provide food supplies to one such family.

£95 Food Pack

The hungry child doesn’t know ‘tomorrow’. Please donate now and help Somalia’s children survive.

8 million +
Somalis facing potential famine

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