In response to the UK’s worsening virus pandemic, Ummah Welfare Trust has begun providing primary health carers, GPs and funeral services with personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them serve the nation’s public.

The charity has procured £100k worth of PPE for GPs, funeral services and health care workers in recent days. Thousands of face masks, protective overalls and safety glasses are being delivered to where it’s needed most.

The UK’s front line of health and care workers remains under-resourced however in dealing with increasing deluge of victims . Essential PPE and supplies are still needed to maintain the necessary levels of care.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
The best of mankind is the one that is most beneficial to mankind.’ [Tabarani]

Ummah Welfare Trust has launched an emergency appeal for donors to help the charity in ensuring that key workers are prepared and protected. Donations will ensure that workers can safeguard their own lives as well those of others.

Please donate generously for this appeal and help our communities manage and survive this unprecedented crisis.


Ummah Welfare Trust is reaching out to families in the UK who are suffering in the coronavirus pandemic. Families struggling to pay bills, cover rent or meet other immediate payments can contact the charity.

This is a support programme for needy communities in the UK who have historically been so generous in helping the needy elsewhere.


Phone: 0800 4 0800 11 or 01204 661030
Females Line: 07933 001283

Don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch.

Donors can also donate towards this project to help families suffering in the fallout of this pandemic. 

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
‘He is not a believer who eats his fill whilst his neighbour beside him goes hungry.’