Ummah Welfare Trust has registered with BT MyDonate for fundraisers wishing to raise money and awareness for one of the charity’s many projects.

MyDonate is an online fundraising service for UK charities. The service provides a secure, easy-to-use way for people to raise money and awareness for their favourite charity.

With MyDonate Ummah Welfare Trust will receive the whole contribution, including the 25 per cent Gift Aid. There are no fees beyond those charged by a donor’s debit or the credit card company.

Through this, Ummah Welfare Trust receives up to 63p more for every £10 given than with other online fundraising services.

To fundraise using MyDonate is straightforward. Click on the link and follow the instructions given.

Important Information
* Please ensure any projects that you are fundraising for are being implemented by Ummah Welfare Trust. Stay updated via the website.

* For fundraising events or activities, please seek Ummah Welfare Trust’s advice. The charity will not be held responsible for any fundraising methods (and possibly their consquences) used by fundraisers.

* To ensure your fundraising progress can be tracked, please email before starting your MyDonate page. This is especially important for projects in which feedback is provided, e.g. water wells and masjid construction


*We advise donors, ideally, not to pay their Zakah donations through BT MyDonate. Though there is no deduction, there is a processing card charge. If you still wish to donate your Zakah via this service, please add slightly more to your donation (£1 for example) to cover the card charge.