Upcoming Events

TRIBEZ Day of Giving
Friday 28th February

  Tribez, 242 Halliwell Road, Bolton, BL1 3QD 

  3:00pm to 11:00pm


07802 888661

7 Under the Shade of Allah
Friday 28th February

  Iqra Academy, 10 East Suffolk Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5PH

 After Isha salah (8:00pm)

 Brothers & Sisters

07921 299063

Isa vs Dajjal: The Final Battle
Saturday 29th February

  Masjid Al Hikmah, 41 Nelson Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5ER

  After Maghrib (5:42pm)

 Brothers & Sisters

07921 299063

Isa vs Dajjal: The Final Battle
Sunday 1st March

  Al Falaah Academy, 311 Calder Street, Glasgow, G42 7NQ

  After Zuhr (12:45pm)


07921 299063

Previous Events in 2020

DateTitleLocationOrganised byDetails
09.02.2020Charity Day of GivingEast HamThe GrillPoster
08.02.2020Charity CollectionLeedsMasjid QubaPoster
08.02.2020The Coming of DajjalBirminghamMasjid at-TaqwaPoster
01.12.2020Dajjal: The Anti ChristHuddersfieldJamia Masjid NoorPoster
27.01.2020Desserts for CharityBoltonCrunchy Bites by SumzPoster
25.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahLondonUWTPoster
18.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahBirminghamUWTPoster
11.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahBlackburnUWTPoster
10.01.2020Jumu'ah Collection for the UighursBradfordIslamBradfordPoster
10.01.2020The Forgotten UmmahLeicesterUWTPoster
10.01.2020A Special Sisters ProgrammeIlfordUWTPoster
09.01.2020The Forgotten UmmahLondonUWTPoster

* These include events where Ummah Welfare Trust has been invited to speak, fundraise and those where all proceeds have been donated to Ummah Welfare Trust.

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