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Previous Events

DateTitleLocationOrganised byDetails
25.12 2020Imam Mahdi BirminghamUWTPoster
22.12.2020Winter Charity Cake SaleBirminghamVolunteersPoster
26.12.2020Charity Day of GivingLutonGrill Hut Peri PeriPoster
20.12.2020Charity Bake Sale for Sierra LeoneBoltonVolunteersPoster
19.12.2020Keep Out the Cold Street CollectionBirminghamUWTPoster
19.12.2020Charity Food SaleDewsburyVolunteersPoster
7.12.2020 to 21.12.2020Sidr Honey Charity SaleBirminghamVolunteersPoster
5.12.2020Keep the Ummah Warm Charity CollectionLeicesterUWTPoster
28.11.2020Charity Day of GivingBradfordQFCPoster
20.11.2020 & 21.11.2020Winter Street CollectionCoventryUWTPoster
15.11.2020Aman's ReadingLondonAmanPoster
Several monthsFresh Blackseed Oil for CharityLondon & LutonBlestPoster
Several monthsHoney Sale for YemenLondon, Luton & BoltonMadam's GoodsPoster
31.10.2020Charity BBQ for WinterBirminghamVolunteersPoster
25.10.2020Hijamah Simplified CourseBradfordThe Hijamah CompanyPoster
10.10.2020Bigfellas Charity Day of GivingDewsburyBigfellas Pizza ExpressPoster
08.10.2020The Chaii Shack Day of GivingLeedsThe Chaii ShackPoster
06.10.2020Bigfellas Charity Day of GivingBradfordBigfellas Pizza ExpressPoster
26.09.2020Aman's Reading for CharityLondonAmanPoster
20.09.2020Snowden Trek for Syria & YemenMount SnowdenUWTPoster
18.09.2020Eat for Charity LondonVolunteersPoster
30.08.2020Four Waterfalls Challenge in Brecon BeaconsWalesVolunteersPoster
30.08.2020Ben Nevis Trek for CharityBen NevisUnique Children's CharityPoster
23.08.2020Charity Day of GivingWalsallOne Big BitePoster
16.08.2020Charity Braai for YemenLondonAl Falah Primary SchoolPoster
16.08.2020Yemen Appeal Charity Car WashBirminghamUWTPoster
16.08.2020Charity Day of GivingLeedsHFC TakeawayPoster
13.08.2020Charity Day of Giving SheffieldSpice BoxPoster
09.08.2020Brecon Beacons Charity WalkBrecon BeaconsHandsworth Wood Youth GroupPoster
04.08.2020Charity Bike RideRotherham to LeedsCharity Bike Ride for YemenPoster
02.08.2020Charity Day of Giving BradfordBP Phoenix Filling StationPoster
20.07.2020 till EidDesserts for EidNuneatonHajra's CuisinPoster
20.07.2020 till EidCharity Cakes for YemenBirminghamMD CakesPoster
10.07.2020 till EidCharity Bake SaleBirminghamDesserts by AaminahPoster
20.07.2020 to 30.07.2020Charity Days of GivingLutonBrian's DIY & TradePoster
29.07.2020Eid Bake SaleBoltonTaabi's TreatsPoster
29.07.2020Milk Cakes for CharityBlackburnTasty Treat TemptationsPoster
28.07.2020Cupcakes for YemenLutonSlice by SlicePoster
28.07.2020Desserts for EidBirminghamZarine BakesPoster
28.07.2020Charity Bake SaleBoltonCycle for ChangePoster
26.07.2020Charity Car WashHalifaxUC3Poster
26.07.2020Krispy Kreme Charity SaleLondonVolunteersPoster
26.07.2020Krispy Kremes Charity SaleLutonVolunteersPoster
26.07.2020Charity Day of GivingBradfordSprings TakeawayPoster
25.07.2020Shot Desserts for CharityBirminghamDelicious ShotsPoster
25.07.2020Charity Day of GivingLeedsOcean FisheriesPoster
24.07.2020Cakeaway Charity SaleBirminghamVolunteersPoster
24.07.2020Cakeaway Charity SaleScotlandVolunteersPoster
23.07.2020Charity Day of GivingWalsallOne Big BitePoster
23.07.2020Charity Day of GivingSheffieldMunchiesPoster
21.07.2020Charity Day of GivingSouth ShieldsChaska Grill DaPoster
19.07.2020Charity Car WashHigh WycombeAs SabiqoonPoster
19.07.2020Miles for Yemen Charity RideLondonVolunteersPoster
18.07.2020Doughnut Boxes for CharityBirminghamThe Doughnut StopPoster
18.07.2020Bakes & Cakes for CharityBirmingham@ohsoyummy_delightsPoster
17.07.2020Charity Day of GivingBradfordKing of KobedaPoster
16.07.2020Charity Day of GivingLeicesterPeri Peri OriginalPoster
15.07.2020Charity Day of GivingBoltonThe Fig & The OlivePoster
15.07.2020Desserts for CharityBoltonCrunchy Bits by SumzPoster
15.07.2020Charity Day of GivingLeedsBisonPoster
10.07.2020Charity Day of GivingHuddersfieldScoopliciousPoster
05.07.2020Charity Car Wash 4 YemenShadwell, LondonAs SabiqoonPoster
04.07.2020Car Wash for YemenEast LondonThe £5 Cake Co.Poster
04.07.2020 & 05.07.2020Takeaway for CharityEast London@Chapaties4CharityPoster
04.07.2020Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for YemenLuton & Surrounding AreasVolunteersPoster
04.07.2020Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for YemenLondonVolunteersPoster
03.07.2020Bake Sale for YemenBoltonVolunteer BakersPoster
03.07.2020The Virtues of YemenOnline Several ISOCs Poster
02.07.2020Charity Day of GivingBatleyBarkat CateringPoster
27.06.2020Brunch for YemenMilton KeynesVolunteersPoster
26.06.2020Live Online FundraiserOnlineUWTPoster
21.06.2020Charity Bake SalePrestonCycle for ChangePoster
Through RamadhanAICC Ramadhan Fundraising ChallengeUKAl Imaan Cycle ClubPoster
Through RamadhanRamadhan Bake SaleLeedsSaida's BakesPoster
Through RamadhanRamadhan Doughnut Box SaleBirminghamThe Doughnut StopPoster
Through RamadhanSalah Boxes Charity SaleLondon & LutonVolunteersPoster
Through RamadhanCalypso Drinks Charity SaleLondon & LutonVolunteersPoster
21.05.2020Live Online FundraiserOnlineUWTPoster
16.05.2020Live Ramadhan AppealNottinghamRadio DawnPoster
15.05.2020Charity Day of GivingLondonFive BrosPoster
09.05.2020Live Ramadhan AppealSheffieldLink FMPoster
03.05.2020Live Ramadhan AppealWalsallRamadan RadioPoster
Through RamadhanCalypso Drinks Charity SaleDewsbury & BradfordVolunteersPoster
Through RamadhanBuy Dates for CharityRotherhamVolunteersPoster
Through RamadhanEid Cakes for GazaSouth & LondonVolunteersPoster
Through RamadhanHoney Charity SaleLondon & LutonMadam's GoodsPoster
Through RamadhanQur'an Cube Charity SaleLondon & LutonQur'an CubePoster
Through Sha'ban & RamadhanMedjoul Dates for CharityUK-wideVolunteersPoster
15.03.2020Score for SyriaDundeeStars Sports AcademyPoster
14.03.2020Sister Charity FundaySwindonVolunteersPoster
14.03.2020Hold Firmly to the Rope of AllahChorleyUWTPoster
13.03.2020Idlib is SufferingSunderlandUniversity of Sunderland Islamic SocietyPoster
06.03.2020 to 08.03.2020Cakes for SyriaLondonVolunteersPoster
07.03.2020Idlib Charity Food SaleBirminghamVolunteersPoster
07.03.2020Morrisons In-Store CollectionBirminghamMorrisonsPoster
01.03.2020Isa vs DajjalGlasgowAl Falaah AcademyPoster
29.02.2020Isa vs DajjalAberdeenMasjid Al HikmahPoster
28.02.20207 Under the Shade of AllahEdinburghIqra AcademyPoster
28.02.2020Tribez Charity Day of GivingBoltonTribez Steak GrillPoster
22.02.2020The Coming of DajjalBirminghamMasjid-e-NimraPoster
09.02.2020Charity Day of GivingEast HamThe GrillPoster
08.02.2020Charity CollectionLeedsMasjid QubaPoster
08.02.2020The Coming of DajjalBirminghamMasjid at-TaqwaPoster
01.12.2020Dajjal: The Anti ChristHuddersfieldJamia Masjid NoorPoster
27.01.2020Desserts for CharityBoltonCrunchy Bites by SumzPoster
25.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahLondonUWTPoster
18.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahBirminghamUWTPoster
11.01.2020The Young Lions of AllahBlackburnUWTPoster
10.01.2020Jumu'ah Collection for the UighursBradfordIslamBradfordPoster
10.01.2020The Forgotten UmmahLeicesterUWTPoster
10.01.2020A Special Sisters ProgrammeIlfordUWTPoster
09.01.2020The Forgotten UmmahLondonUWTPoster

* These include events where Ummah Welfare Trust has been invited to speak, fundraise and those where all proceeds have been donated to Ummah Welfare Trust.

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