Ummah Children Academy Admission for 2012

    Muhammad Salallahu ‘alaihi wasallam stated:

    Whoever from among the Muslims includes an orphan towards his food and drink until Allah makes that orphan stand on his own feet, then for such an individual Jannah (heaven) will become wajib (compulsory). ‘ - Ahmad, Tabarani

    Alhamdulillah, a feather in the cap for Ummah Welfare Trust, the Ummah Children Academy in Nowshera, North West Pakistan, currently caters for 650 orphans from Pakistan and Kashmir. The construction of the academy started in 2005 and alhamdulillah – following the efforts and generosity of its donors – is now nearing completion.

    A completed UCA will allow a full 1000 orphans to live and study in the academy; and be provided with the best chance in life inshaAllah. In order to complete the 1000 quota, Ummah Welfare Trust is currently taking applications from orphaned- families in Pakistan for their child’s enrolment.

    Click the link below to download the UCA admission and official declaration forms. The deadline for the submission of both forms is 4th March inshaAllah.

    Download Admission Forms