A New Bore Rig in Malawi

    Around a quarter of Malawi's 17 million population do not enjoy clean water. Extreme weather in recent years, poor infrastructure and increasing pollution have left millions surviving on unsafe and open water sources.

    Many communities, particularly Muslim ones, are hamstrung due to no available water supply. An estimated 3,000 children died last year alone due to diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

    'There is no Sadaqah greater in reward than water.'
    [Sunan Al Bayhaqi]

    In response to the challenges, Ummah Welfare Trust last year purchased and delivered a new water well drilling rig to central Malawi to help communities facing water shortages.

    Alhamdulillah, over a hundred new deeply-bored wells have been dug in the Mangochi area since, allowing thousands of villagers to benefit from clean water once more. Wells have been bored for masjids, schools, madrassahs, farmers and herders.

    It's amazing how the clean water that a developing community desperately needs is right underneath them. Alhamdulillah the charity's drilling rig has allowed thousands of our brothers and sisters in Malawi to reach this sealed bounty and enjoy its blessings.

    A delegation from Ummah Welfare Trust, which included senior hadith scholar, Mufti Shabbir Sahib, recently visited Mangochi to assess the impact of the new rig. They also witnessed other development efforts, including the provision free Islamic schooling for rural children and maternity care for expectant mothers.

    Good health, tarbiyah and education can allow any community to thrive. Ummah Welfare Trust's focus on these areas in Malawi is one that reflect a growing ambition to empower Muslim communities across the African continent, inshaAllah.