Syria Appeal

    The oppression in Syria continues.

    Men, women and children continue to be murdered. Homes, clinics, hospitals and schools continue to be bombed. The sanctity and honour of Muslims continue to be violated.

    Families continue to be butchered by militia, illegally detained and tortured. Their wounded continue to die slow deaths and their dead continue to remain unburied.

    Over 100,000 have been martyred. Hundreds every day, murdered in cold blood, continue to add to this tally.

    Whatever one can say to describe the suffering that has taken place, it has been more than this.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has been appealing for funds to help our brothers and sisters for many months now. Alhamdulillah through your generosity, much relief has been administered.

    Aiding the Displaced in Syria (chronologically since early 2012):

    • 8,000 food packs distributed to families across Homs, Damascus and Aleppo
    • 200 wounded victims in Homs received emergency medical treatment
    • For the 2012 Qurbani programme, 108 sheep and 50 cows were sacrficed. Meat was distributed in Homs, Idlib and Aleppo.
    • 1,200 medical kits (550 at one time and then 650 later) provided to medical centres across northern Syria
    • 50 tonnes of flour distributed across rural areas
    • Winter aid kits provided to hundreds families in Aleppo
    • In April 2013, 7,000 newly-affected families across the Idlib, Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, Homs, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and the coastal areas received food supplies.
    • Through May and June 2013, over 8,500 families from Daraya, Shab'a, Aqraba, Nashabiya, and Marj as-Sultan received food supplies.
    • Cooked food was provided to thousands of newly arrived refugees in Bab al-Salamah.
    • 4,000 women and girls in Bab al-Salamah all received new abayas.
    • For Ramadhan 2013, nearly 16,000 families received food provisions. Families in Idlib, Aleppo, Homs Raqqa, Hama, Lazkiye and Tal Abyad all benefited alhamdulillah.
    • For the Qurbani programme in 2013, 100 cows and 200 sheep were sacrificed. Meat was distributed to families in Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Idlib, Hama and Homs. Approximately 10,000 families received Udhiyyah meat.
    • Since June 2013, widowed and orphaned families have been living in Ummah Welfare Trust's Ummah Camp in Samarda. Alhamdulillah this camp caters for all the families' needs. More information can be found here.
    • For Eid ul Adha, gifts were distributed to children in Daraya.
    • In Mouadamiah, where 'ulema has passed a fatwa that families are allowed to eat cats, food baskets were distributed to nearly 400 families.
    • New clothing and medical supplies have been distributed to families in Ghouta.
    • Through September 2013, a total of 2,500 families from Khaydariya, Batan al Qas or Al Jallom (Aleppol) received food packs.
    • Through the same month, 350 families (of martyrs) from the Idlib areas of Marafat Numaan and Jesr Shugur received food packs.

    Aiding newly-arrived Refugees in Jordan and Turkey (through 2012 and start of 2013):

    • 24,000 families provided with emergency food provisions
    • 4,000 families received kitchen and wash utensils
    • 4,000 families received hygiene kits
    • Winter aid kits provided to wounded refugees

    Allah is our witness; we must continue to help. Ummah Welfare Trust needs your donations in order to continue supporting families affected by the violence.

    When we stand in front of Allah, Glory be to Him, we will not regret the help and money we rendered to the suffering Muslims of Bilaad al Shaam inshaAllah.

    Please continue to help.

    September 2013 Update - 'Inside Syria' by Shoyeb Adat, UWT Relief & Development Manager

    Many from among the millions of refugees created in this conflict are living in relatively safe camps along the Syria/Turkey border. There are many families however who have remained, refusing to move even during the conflict's most intense periods.

    Such families, remaining in besieged cities like Aleppo, Homs and Maraft Nu'maan, receive aid intermittently due to the risk involved in reaching them.

    In light of the above, Ummah Welfare recently conducted assessments in besieged towns to identify the neediest families. The team first covered Marafat Nu'maan - a town situated 70km south of Idlib. Regime forces currently surround areas to its east and south.

    Before the revolution, Marafat Nu'maan was a tourist destination with a bustling population of 150,000 people. Today the figure is approximately 50,000. The town faces huge shortages of medicine, food and, with many sources now contaminated, water. Due to being partially under siege, residents here do not receive much assistance.

    The Ummah Welfare Trust field team identified 400 widowed/orphaned families here who needed support. Alhamdulillah all these families received food provisions.

    Ummah Welfare Trust also surveyed areas of Aleppo - a city that has been fiercely fought over since the revolution became armed. Half of the city is currently under regime-control.

    The Ummah Welfare Trust team encountered families here who had recently fled their villages following heavy aerial bombardment. SubhanAllah many of them had no possessions whatsoever. They had left everything behind. Ummah Welfare Trust also distributed emergency food provisions to these families.

    And the work continues. Please do not forget our brothers and sisters here in Syria.

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