Help Idlibs Refugees

    Over 100,000 civilians have fled for their lives amidst a massive assault on the Syrian province of Idlib. Current violence is some of the worst seen in Syria since last year's siege of East Aleppo.

    In just the first ten days of this month, over 200 civilians have been killed in targeted strikes. Surviving families, already displaced 5 or 6 times, meanwhile have nothing. Women and children are living in rubbish dumps and open graves just to survive.

    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
    'Allah is in the help of His servant, so long as the servant is in the help of his brother.'
    [Sahih Muslim]

    An urgent appeal has been launched for Syria's new displaced families. Ummah Welfare Trust needs your help to provide them with shelter, fuel blankets and food.

    Like in Homs, Aleppo and Raqqa before, the world just watches, feigning concern, as Syria's women and children are harried and killed.

    We mustn't do the same. Save the lives of our brothers and sisters by donating for these items today:

    Please choose the project 'Syria Emergency' when donating.